Game Station - My first website! That was legen... wait for it... dary!


Live Flash Demonstration - remember I was 13 yrs old! lol


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Game Station was my first website

When it was built in 2000, I was 13 years old and I'm very proud of him!

You can see the live website here. It requires flash player. Look out the puzzle done to be used while the user waits the swf loading.

PS: It's a 141Kb app. It means that in a 56k modem, the user waited kind like 50 sec until complete load.

The Super Nes areas says

"Com um sofisticado hardware de 16 bits, o Super Nes apresenta personagens com movimentos mais naturais, detalhada animação e imagens tridimensionais!"
that means
"With a sophisticated 16-bit hardware, Super Nes presents characters with more natural movement, animation and detailed three-dimensional images!"



Game Station